Our name will be forgotten in time
and no one will remember our works;
our life will pass away like the traces of a cloud,
and be scattered like mist that is chased by the rays of the sun
and overcome by its heat.....
But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God,
and no torment will ever touch them.

- Book of Wisdom 2:4 and 3:1 (RSV Bible Catholic Edition)

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I have circulated eight printed versions of this history since I first set out to record something of the story of my family about thirty years ago.

These new editions were produced as information continued to come to light, as errors in earlier versions were pointed out and as the family story continued to unfold. New printings of the family history were also made in response to the requests for copies from my relations as the existence of the history became more widely known.

I continue to make every effort to ensure that what is recorded is accurate and to indicate if doubt exists about any statements. At the same time I have continued to record everything I could, even when it seemed to be of doubtful accuracy, in the belief that it is better to preserve such information than to allow it to be lost for all time.

Whilst it can be difficult to write with accuracy about the distant past due to the passage of time and the absence of documentation, it can at least be done without fear of giving offence. Not so with more recent events. I have a great sense of respect for those whose lives I have written about in these pages and I have tried to be truthful and fair to their memory, even though I may not always have got that right. Out of respect for the privacy of those still living I have elected to remain silent about some more recent events and I apologize if anything I have written causes offence to anyone.

All family members of my parent's generation have now passed on. Had I not set out to question them and record their memories and stories in this history, much family knowledge would have been lost. It is my hope that at least some members of present and future generations of family members will contribute their own stories to this site and will continue this work of preserving and recording the history of our family as a gift for those who are still to come.

I believe it is a story that deserves to be told.

Brian Bond
April 2004

A summary of all individuals currently known to be connected to my family is also available.
Click on the link to access my Gedcom file at "Rootsweb" and enter a name in which you have an interest.
In this data-bases the details of living people born after a particular date are not shown. Such individuals simply appear as 'living' and no name is shown. Please contact me if you would like to check or update information on living family members.

The results of my genealogical DNA test can be found here They show the origin and distribution of my paternal Y-DNA (Haplogroup I-M223; subclade I-CTS1977) which is transmitted from father to son and my maternal mtDNA (Haplogroup J; subclade J1c3b) which I inherited from my mother and which is transmitted from mother to daughter. A simple explanation of what all this means (at least for maternal DNA) can also be found here.

Of course whilst our autosomal DNA comes from all of our ancestors, if we go back 10 generations (about 300 years) we have about 1024 individuals from whom we descend (assuming no later inter-marriage), which means the information is more limited in regard to our more distant ancestors. See here for an explanation about the types of DNA

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