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Chapter One Oxfordshire - Origin of the Bonds

Footnotes Chapter One

Chapter Two Australia - Early beginnings

Footnotes Chapter Two

Chapter Three Lincolnshire - Origin of the Featherbys

Footnotes Chapter Three

Chapter Four Western Victoria - Arrival of the Featherbys

Footnotes Chapter Four

Chapter Five The Wimmera - Selection and struggle

Footnotes Chapter Five

Chapter Six Tipperary - The Irish origins

Footnotes Chapter Six

Chapter Seven Kent - A Convict Ancestor

Footnotes Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight Ireland & Scotland - A Family Separated

Footnotes Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine Scotland - A Rich Variety of Ancestors

Footnotes Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten Deep Lead - Leaving the Land

Footnotes Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven Geelong - A Place to Settle

Footnotes Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve South Australia - Arrival of an Old Soldier

Footnotes Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen Adelaide - A Colourful Connection

Footnotes Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen Western Victoria - An elusive trail

Footnotes Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen Geelong - Arrival of the Cassidys

Footnotes Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen Victoria - Branches of the Family Tree

Footnotes Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen London & Clonmellon - An Unlikely Union

Footnotes Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen Geelong to Western Australia - A Family Spread

Footnotes Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen Geelong - A Family Established

Footnotes Chapter Nineteen


My Scots Ancestors Who Died Violently

My Royal Descent

Memories of growing up in the 1950s



List of Individuals


Map of Woodstock

Map of Tathwell

Guide to sites and locations mentioned in the family history


Descendants of William Bond and Bridget Berry

Descendants of Robert Cassidy and Margaret Watkins


A summary of all individuals currently known to be connected to my family is also available.
Click on the link to access my Gedcom file at "Rootsweb" click on 'index'and enter a name in which you have an interest. Please contact me if you would like to check or update information on living family members.


The results of my genealogical DNA test show the origin and distribution of my paternal Y-DNA (Haplogroup I-M223; subclade I-CTS1977) which is transmitted from father to son and my maternal mtDNA (Haplogroup J; subclade J1c3b) which I inherited from my mother and which is transmitted from mother to daughter. Today, J1c is found across much of Europe and in low frequencies across the Near East. It is most common in Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary and Greece. It is not found anywhere in extremely high frequencies, but is detectable across a vast radius throughout Europe. The I family of fatherlines are the oldest major haplogroup to have originated in Europe, with the I2 branch splitting off when the Ice Age was at its peak around 26,500-19,000 years ago. The highest concentrations of I2-M223 are found in Germany and Eastern Sweden, but it is also found in lower frequencies in the Benelux, Britain, France, Northern Italy, Russia, and across Scandinavia. This suggests my ancestors may have arrived in England as part of the Anglo-Saxon migration from the mid-fifth to early seventh century, or possibly the later Viking migration.